Our employees are at the forefront of our success

The company is composed of two partners and a team of professionals who are actively involved in the projects, both at the conceptual, administrative and executive levels. This aspect is highly appreciated by our clients, who remain loyal year after year. This clientele is mostly composed of private companies.

A Grondin Nadeau partner involved in each project

One of the two partners of the company is always directly involved in each project.

Marc Grondin, son of founder Marc-André Grondin, has nearly 30 years of experience with the company. Immersed in the world of construction since his youth, Marc has learned the ins and outs of the business by holding various positions within the company.

An active member of the management committee and director of the construction department, Marc is involved with his sidekick David in every project.

David Audet joined Marc following the retirement of his father and founder of the company Grondin Nadeau. With over 20 years of experience in construction and project management, he joined the company in 2012 as a project manager. 

With several skills in building estimating and evaluation as well as in administration, David is the head of the development department, in addition to being a member of the executive committee and partner.

Our Team

An experienced and client-oriented management team

Executive Committee

Associate, Construction Manager
Marc Grondin
Associate, Director of Development
David Audet
General Manager
Mélanie Lemelin
Financial Director
Nancy Ruel

Direction Construction

CPI - Project Manager
Samuel Laliberté
Mathilde Nadeau
Projects Assistant
Claudia Bellemare
Quality Coordinator
Lyne Dufault
CPI - Assistant Project Manager
Fred Wamkeue
Quality Manager
Daniel Lippé
Building engineer - Project manager
Alexandre Potvin
Dany Demers
Project Manager
Alexandre Faguy
CPI - Quality Manager
Christian Somda
Yan Paradis


Colombe Gaudreau-Leroux
Administrative Assistant
Judith Hudon
Accounting Clerk
Roxanne Lamontagne
Technicienne comptable
Nancy Brousseau