Managed project

Customized advice, according to your needs

In management mode, the project manager ensures the execution of the project according to the evolving needs of the client and in full transparency. Technical advice is offered at the embryonic stage of the project, during the call for tenders or during execution. These alternatives will allow for quality work, better cost control, reduction of deadlines or even the possibility of proceeding with management in “Fast Track” mode.
Always in relation with the different departments of the company, the project managers ensure the successful completion of the projects.

Through weekly planning meetings, each project manager can ask questions to his colleagues, whether it is about the execution of the work, the management of the projects or the administration. These meetings also allow for the sharing of experience between resources and thus find the best technical and economical solutions for the clients.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is used to manage all the company’s processes. It helps managers to draw up their budgets, to analyze the variances between projections and the actual situation, to manage contracts with subcontractors and directives. It provides daily visibility of projects and real-time performance indicators.

All these steps combined allow for constant support and monitoring of all project phases by our dedicated team.