Surveillance, health, safety

An uncompromising priority on all our sites

The health and safety standards inherent to construction are specific and particular. For these reasons, Grondin Nadeau opts for a prevention program adapted to each construction site, and this jointly with the client. Optimizing the equipment and the work environment according to the needs reinforces the productivity, improves the quality and reduces the risks of accidents in addition to increasing the satisfaction of the customer.

Focus on prevention and risk management

Whether it is for the customer or the workers, safety at work is everyone’s responsibility. Grondin Nadeau adapts the safety rules according to the work and the standards in force and these subjects are discussed weekly during the site meetings.

We offer, in parallel, a continuous training program to the users of the various machines and we make sure that their qualification is up to date.

An authority figure in occupational health and safety

With more than 30 years of experience on construction sites, Grondin Nadeau’s management is constantly informed of the new standards in effect and makes sure to be on the lookout for the latest recommendations in terms of health and safety.

The site team – in collaboration with the project manager and the foreman – ensures that :

– the prevention program specific to the work is applied

– daily inspections and observations are made and documented

– an investigation is conducted in case of an accident during the performance of the contract

Worker orientation sessions are organized to explain health and safety instructions.

A regular presence of the health and safety manager on the work sites

The person responsible for safety management must be available at all times during the execution of the work. He/she must be present at the work site at least one full day per week and be able to demonstrate that all health and safety obligations are being met to the client’s satisfaction. If the client feels that the presence of the safety manager is insufficient, the frequency of visits can be adjusted. He is a major player, as he is the expert in accident prevention and safety measures.

Adequate supervision at all times on the construction sites

The team would not be complete without the expertise of the employees on the construction sites. They are experienced superintendents and foremen who will apply their skills to the more complex structural, external envelope and mechanical building projects.

They are responsible for planning, coordinating and executing the work in accordance with the plans, specifications, addendums and riders, in collaboration with the project manager and subcontractors. They plan and supervise in-house labor and subcontractors and order quality materials in coordination with the Project Manager.

In addition, the site managers report all non-conformities to the project manager, carry out the monitoring and measurements as provided for in the ISO 9001-2015 quality plan and respect the safety standards on the sites and enforce them on the people under their responsibility