20 years of service for Mathieu Nadeau

“I started at Grondin Nadeau at the age of 14. With my father Réjean Nadeau (co-founder), it was a good school to learn the carpentry trade. It was even Marc-André Grondin (co-founder) who convinced me to come back to work for the company, not my father!

The evolution of Grondin Nadeau is remarkable. At the time, we were 15 site guys and one person in the office and today several people have joined the team.

The arrival of David Audet (partner) in 2012 within the company to bring only positive. After all these years, one of the projects of which I am very proud is to have participated in the construction of prestigious condos located in Lévis Le Reuleaux.

The sense of belonging is strong, the atmosphere, the team and the pleasure of working is still present even after 20 years!

A big thank you to Marc-André Grondin, Marc Grondin and David Audet for the trust you have in me and I’m still waiting for my Joe Louis…”